SuperPe introduces a novel feature allowing customers without a personal credit card to utilize a family member's card. Upon adding the relative's card to their account, SuperPe conducts a thorough verification process to ensure the card's legitimacy and the card owner's consent. This feature is designed with convenience and security in mind, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their family's financial resources while maintaining strict security standards. It's a testament to SuperPe's innovative approach to financial inclusivity and user-centric services.


SuperPe's feature enabling the use of a family member's credit card opens up new avenues for users without their own cards. This process includes a detailed verification phase to confirm the cardholder's identity and consent, ensuring a secure and trustworthy transaction environment. Once verified, users gain the flexibility to make purchases or payments, expanding their financial capabilities. This innovative approach not only enhances user convenience but also reinforces SuperPe's commitment to security and responsible financial management.

SuperPe's feature for adding a family member's credit card underlines our dedication to providing flexible financial solutions. This initiative, grounded in a rigorous verification system, ensures that every transaction is authorized and secure, fostering trust among users. It embodies our commitment to inclusivity and convenience, allowing users to extend their financial reach responsibly.